Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Sax

I've always liked the saxophone. Not really sure why. They can make good lead vocal substitutes and are just fun to play with. Actually the ones that come in the Kontakt Factory Library are pretty good, but I like these better as they seem more real to me and a bit rougher. Unfortunately the samples average about 2 and a half seconds so you can't hold them too long. They should be in pretty good tune since I just digitally tuned all the samples myself, some float a bit, but that is just the sax. Anyway Alto and Soprano Sax in three velocity layers with most of the notes sampled. Over 350 samples total. There is vibrato and non-vibrato on the old key switches.

The Big Bob WIPs scripts let you do the legato thing, adds in fake round robins and if you have a wind controller you can use that to. Big Bob was a generousness fellow who let us instrument maker types use his very cool scripts. Robert D. Villwock was his real name and he passed away recently. Thanks for the scripts and the encouragement for a lot of folks. You can see the memorial thread about him here. I never knew him, but he seems like a great fellow. Rest in Peace.

Thanks to the University of Iowa Music Department, these are Public Domain.

Since you can never get enough Sax, here is another great Alto Sax...

From DSmolken and the gang at Karoryfer comes this Alto Sax. You can find it for SFZ at the Karoryfer site. Mickaël Ménager's script and GUI provide the Electrification of the Sax. For those who want a more traditional Sax, there is also a Big Bob WIPs script Kontakt version without an amp simulation on board. It also lets you use a wind controller and other cool stuff.

Creative Commons: Karoryfer Sounds

Monday, May 16, 2016

Taylor Sampled Synths

Richard Taylor sampled various sounds from something like twenty synths and placed the samples in the Public Domain. These aren't actual synths like something made in Reaktor. They are basically presets that you can mess with using various effects. As usual on electric type instruments, I used Mickaël Ménager's great Kontakt script and GUI.

On my first attempt I just dropped the samples in and made the instruments. There really was too much dead space in front of the samples, so I went back and used Audacity to tighten things up. This version should be much more responsive. Also these generally use standard wave files, so if you don't have Kontakt or just want to use them that way you can.

I really don't understand synths as I more of an acoustic guy, so I don't know how useful these instruments are. I had fun just messing about with them and there are some pretty neat sounds. Again these aren't true synths, but multi-samples of synth presets.

Bender Roma Equator (Thanks Fleer)

Axis 80   Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

King 1 Many   Part 1  Part 2
Soundcloud Demo

 Janssen Havoc

Payara psia

  Newtron V    Part 1   Part 2
Soundcloud Demo