Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Bass Guitar

Some time ago, Project16 sampled his Rickenbacker 4001 Bass.  Available as Kontakt and SFZ instruments, you should definitely pick them up if you haven't already.

Project16 redid many Fingered and Picked samples in even higher quality before a rope broke. While this session was never finished, Project16 gave me permission to use the over 1400 samples he had recorded and edited. Using the script and shell by Mickaël Ménager, I've created a new Kontakt instrument called Version 2 to differentiate it from the great Kontakt instruments created by AKJ using the original samples. The two are quite different and both are worth trying.

This is an instrument I've had a lot of fun rocking out with. If you like classic rock and maybe a touch of rock a billy like me this one is a blast. It has enough variations in sound to give good options. I like to use it with the drumkit in the post below since they can both give a good range of sounds and you can kind of 'dial in' what you want. Plus Mickaël Ménager's shell gives all kinds of fun effects to mess around with and amps to try out. Of course you can also run it through your own amp sim.

This instrument has over 1400 samples, every note sampled across three octaves (the top and bottom notes are stretched a bit for extended range) and 5 velocity layers.

The Keyswitches are:
C:   Fingered Bridge Pickup
C#: Fingered Bridge Pickup Muted
D:   Fingered Both Pickups
D#: Fingered Both Pickups Muted
E:   Fingered Neck Pickup
F:   Picked Bridge Pickup
G:  Picked Both Pickups
A:  Picked Neck Pickup

Let's call this a standard Creative Commons License with a request for credit to Project16.


  1. Hi!

    I downloaded zip file above and loaded it into Kontakt 5 (full). The only file besides the Sample folder is "Project 16 Bass V2.nki" When I load this file, The key switches as they appear in your image do not show up on my Kontakt GUI. Is the script you mentoin by Mickaël Ménager missing?

    Thanks for help!

    The key switches do not

    1. Sorry I was on vacation and so didn't see your comment. The keyswitches are really low on this versus most instruments. You should see a little thing to the left of the keyboard that says "+2 oct", push the left arrow and it should say "+1 oct" and the keyswitches should show up.

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